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Some of the live recordings I have collected are listed here, but mainly I'm interested in Die Toten Hosen. Don't hesitate to contact me for a trade. 

email: mungomunk[at]

Bootlegs are listed in green.
Video recordings are listed in purple.

Billy Idol
2005 Live @ Rock am Ring [DVD]

Dead Kennedys
1986.11.17 [USA, PA, Philadelphia, Blue Horizon]
1985.10.28 [USA, CO, Denver, Regis College]
1984.06.16 [USA, NY, New York] Live and Alive 
1983.06.07 [Montreal, The Spectrum]
1983.05.28 [USA, Atlanta, Georgia Technical]
1983.04.25 [Can, Victoria]
1982.12.20 [UK, Brixton, Academy] [DVD]
1982.07.04 [UK, London] Vinyl
1981.05.02 [USA, MA, Boston, Emerson College]
1980.10.15 [D, Bonn, Rhienstraße]
1978 Demo Tape

2007.04.14 [D, Köln, E-Werk] [DVD]

Iggy Pop & the Stooges
2009.11.07 Iggy Pop [BR, Sao Paolo, Planeta Terra Festival] 2009 Brazil
2009.05.28 Iggy Pop [FR, Paris]
2008.08.10 Iggy & The Stooges [USA, MD, Baltimore, Virgin Mobile Festival]
2004.07.04 Iggy & the Stooges Live in Serbia [DVD]
2004.07.04 Iggy & the Stooges [SRB,  Novi Sad, Exit Festival] Vinyl
2007.06.23 Iggy & The Stooges [Glastonbury]
2003.12.15 Iggy & The Trolls [USA, Philladelphia, The Khyber]
2003.09.13 Iggy & The Stooges [FR, Magny-Cours] Le Bol D'or
1994.07.17 Iggy Pop [USA, Phoenix] on Rock Hard 
1993.10.xx Iggy Pop [CA, Toronto, Queen Street] Out on the Streets again
1993.08.28 Iggy Pop [NL, Dronten, Lowland Paradise Festival] Out on the Streets again
1991.07.12 Iggy Pop [Aus, Leysin Festival]
1991.01.26 Iggy Pop [Berlin, Neue Welt] Metalhead 
1993.10.11 Iggy Pop [USA, Boston, Avalon]
1988.12.10 Iggy Pop [GB, Manchaster] [DVD]
1988.11.17 Iggy Pop [D, Düsseldorf]
1988.07.20 Iggy Pop [USA, New York] on Rock Hard 
1987.06.06 Iggy Pop [F, Seinäjoki, Provinssirock] [DVD]
1982.10.06 Iggy Pop Demo Session
1980.xx.xx Iggy Pop Lust for Live
1979.12.27 Iggy Pop [USA, CA, San Francisco]
1979.xx.xx Iggy Pop [LA, Stardust Ballroom] Heroine Hates You 
1977.03.30 Iggy & David Bowie [USA,OH,Columbus,Agora Ballroom] Jesus, This is Iggy 
1977.03.28 Iggy & David Bowie [USA,IL,Chicago,Mantra Studios] Mantra 1977
1970.07.18 Iggy & The Stooges [USA, IL, Chicago, Soldier Field]

1988.01.23 CWT, Tacoma, US-WA [DVD]
1989.11.20 Kapu, Linz, AT [DVD]
1990.02.16 Bogarts, Long Beach, US-CA [DVD]
1990.04.10 Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, US-MI [DVD]
1990.08.24 Moore Theater, Seattle, US-WA [DVD]
1990.10.25 Polytechnic, Leeds, UK [DVD]
1991.09.16 Beehive Music & Video, Seattle, US-WA [DVD]
1991.10.31 Paramount, Seattle, US-WA
1991.11.05 Astoria Theatre, London, UK [DVD]
1991.11.25 Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL [DVD]
1992.01.25 Horder Pavilion, Sydney, AU [DVD]
1992.08.30 Reading Festival, UK [DVD]
1992.10.30 Velez Sarsfield Stadium, Buenos Aires, AR [DVD]
1993.01.23 Hollywood Rock Festival, Rio de Janeiro, BR [DVD]
1993.04.09 Cow Palace, Daly City, US-CA [DVD]
1993.11.18 Unplugged in New York [DVD]
1993.12.29 Sports Arena, San Diego, US-CA [DVD]
1993.12.31 Oakland Coliseum Arena, Oakland, US-CA [DVD]
1994.02.21 Palasport, Modena, It [DVD]
1994.02.25 Palatrussardi, Milano, IT [DVD]

T.V. Smith
2008.xx.xx Clone Town Promo [DVD]
2008.11.29 [Leipzig, Stoned]

The Clash
1982.08.17 Combat Rock US Tour [USA, Ohio, Akron, Civic Theater]

1981.05.09 Impossible Mission Tour [FR, Lille, Palais St. Sauveur]

1980.03.08 16 tons USA Tour [USA, NJ, Passaic, Capitol Theater] [DVD]

1980.03.06 18 tons USA Tour [USA, Philadelphia PA, Tower Theatre]
1980.03.02 18 tons USA Tour [USA, San Fransisco CA, The Fox]
1980.02.27 16 tons Tour [FR, Paris, Palais des Sports] [DVD]
1980.02.27 16 tons Tour [FR, Paris, Le Palace]
1980.02.15 16 tons Tour [UK, London, Electric Ballroom]
1980.02.13 16 tons Tour [UK, Southampton, Top Rank]
1980.02.06 16 tons Tour [UK, Birmingham, Top Rank]
1980.02.03 16 tons Tour [UK, Manchester, Apollo]
1980.01.31 16 tons Tour [UK, Leeds, University]
1980.01.29 16 tons Tour [UK, Bradford, St. Georges]
1980.01.20 16 tons Tour [UK, Scotland, Edinburgh, Odeon]
1980.01.18 16 tons Tour [UK, Scotland, Dundee, Caird Hall]
1980.01.16 16 tons Tour [UK, Leicester, De Montford Hall]
1980.01.05 16 tons Tour [UK, Aylesbury, Friars]

1979.12.27 Kamupchea Benefit [UK, London, Hammersmith Odeon]
1979.12.26 Kamupchea Benefit [UK, London, Ladbroke Grove, Acklam Hall]
1979.10.13 Take the Fifth Tour [USA, San Francisco CA, Kezar Pavilion]
1979.10.11 Take the Fifth Tour [USA, Los Angeles CA, Hollywood Palladium]
1979.10.06 Take the Fifth Tour [USA, Dallas, Palladium]
1979.10.02 Take the Fifth Tour [USA, Atlanta GA, Agora]
1979.09.28 Take the Fifth Tour [Worcester MA, Clark University]
1979.09.26 Take the Fifth Tour [CAN, Toronto, O'Keefe Center]
1979.09.22 Take the Fifth Tour [USA, Philadelphia PA, Walnut Street Theatre]
1979.09.20 Take the Fifth Tour [USA, New York NY, Palladium]
1979.09.19 Take the Fifth Tour [USA, Boston MA, Orpheum]
1979.09.14 Take the Fifth Tour [USA, Chicago IL, Aragon Ballroom]
1979.03.08 London Calling [BBC TV, Alright Now]
1979.02.20 Pearl Harbour Tour [CAN, Toronto, Rex Danforth Theatre]
1979.02.17 Pearl Harbour Tour [USA, New York NY, Palladium]
1979.02.16 Pearl Harbour Tour [USA, Cambridge MA, Harvard Square Theater]
1979.02.15 Pearl Harbour Tour [USA, Washington DC, Ontario Theatre]
1979.02.13 Pearl Harbour Tour [USA, Cleveland OH, Agora, King Biscuit Flour Hour]
1979.02.09 Pearl Harbour Tour [USA, Santa Monica CA, Civic Auditorium]
1979.02.08 Pearl Harbour Tour [USA, San Francisco CA, Geary Temple]

1978.12.28&29 Sort it out Tour [UK, London, Lyceum]
1978.12.21 Sort it out Tour [UK, Hastings, Pier Pavilion]
1978.11.30 Sort it out Tour [UK, Peterbrough, Wirrina Stadium]
1978.11.23 Sort it out Tour [UK, Manchaster, Apollo]
1978.11.17 Sort it out Tour [UK, Middlesbrough, Town Hall]
1978.10.25 Sort it out Tour [UK, London, Harlesden, Roxy Theatre]
1978.10.22 Sort it out Tour [B, Brussels, Acienne Belgique]
1978.07.27 On Patrole Tour [UK, London, Music Machine]
1978.07.25 On Patrole Tour [UK, London, Music Machine]
1978.07.24 On Patrole Tour [UK, London, Music Machine]
1978.07.22 On Patrole Tour [UK, Liverpool, Eric's]
1978.07.05 On Patrole Tour [UK, Scotland, Aberdeen, Music Hall]
1978.07.02 On Patrole Tour [UK, Manchaster, Apollo]
1978.06.28 On Patrole Tour [UK, Aylesbury, Friars]
1978.05.01 Short Midland Tour [UK, Birmingham, Barbarellas]
1978.04.30 Short Midland Tour [UK, Hackney, Victoria Park] Rock against Racism Festival
1978.01.24 Short Midland Tour [UK, Brimingham, Barbarellas]
1978.01.00 BBC TV Something Else

1977.11.13 Get out of Control Tour [UK, Southhampton, Top Rank]
1977.11.01 Get out of Control Tour [UK, Sheffield, Top Rank]
1977.10.29 Get out of Control Tour [UK, Manchaster, Apollo]
1977.10.27 Get out of Control Tour [UK, Leeds, University]
1977 10 26 Get out of Control Tour [UK, Scotland, Edinburgh, Clouds Disco]
1977.10.25 Get out of Control Tour [UK, Scotland, Glasgow, Apollo]

1977.10.07 Europe '77 [S, Malmö]
1977.10.01 Europe '77 [AUS, Zürich, Kaufleuten Saal]
1977.09.29 Europe '77 [FR, Paris]
1977.09.26 Europe '77 [NL, Amsterdam]
1977.08.05 Europe '77 [FR, Mont de Marsan Festival]
1977.05.28 The White Riot Tour [UK, Leicester, De Montfort Hall]
1977.05.21 The White Riot Tour [UK, St. Albans, City Hall]
1977.05.15 The White Riot Tour [UK, Plymouth]
1977.05.14 The White Riot Tour [NL, Amsterdam]
1977.05.07 The White Riot Tour [UK, Edinburgh, Playhouse]
1977.05.06 The White Riot Tour [UK, Manchaster]
1977.05.04 The White Riot Tour [UK,Swindon]
1977.05.03 The White Riot Tour [UK, Birmingham]
1977.05.01 The White Riot Tour [UK, Guildford]
1977.03.11 Last Drummer in Town [UK, London, Harlesdon Colliseum]

1976.12.09 Anarchy Tour [UK, Manchaster, Electric Circus] Sex Pistols Support
1976.11.05 Last Gang in Town [UK, London, Royal College of Art]
1976.10.29 Last Gang in Town [UK, London, Fulham Town Hall]
1976.10.27 Last Gang in Town [UK, Birmingham, Barbarellas]
1976.09.20 Last Gang in Town [UK, London, 100 Club] 100 Club Festival
1976.08.29 Last Gang in Town [UK, London, Islington] Screen on the Green
1976.05.09 [UK, London, Camden, Roundhouse] Going To The Disco

The Distillers
2004.02.04 Live in Montreal
2004 Live Compilation [DVD]

The Prodigy
2009.06.06 Live @ Rock am Ring [DVD]

Ton Steine Scherben

1983.05.01 [Berlin, Nebenstelle Hall | Tempodrom]
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